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A Study on the Caryopses Morphology of the Grass Genus Eragrostis in India


A study on the caryopses morphology of Indian Eragrostis Wolf using Light Microscope and Scanning Electron Microscope is presented. A total of 44 species have been studied. Emphasis has been given to their shape, dimensions, colour, outline in cross section and surface features. The shape varies from ovoid, obovoid, ellipsoid, oblong with truncate or obtuse ends, globose, subglobose, prism like and angled with or without lateral grooves. In cross section the shape varies from circular, cordate, obcordate, ovate and obovate etc. Surface cell reticulations are mostly narrow and rectangular.


Caryopses, Morphology, Eragrostis, Poaceae, India.



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