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Caryopses Morphology of Sporobolus (Poaceae: Eragrostidiae: Sporobolinae) in India and its Taxonomic Significance


The caryopses morphology of 16 taxa out of 18 taxa of Sporobolus (Poaceae) found in India is examined under Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopes. The macro- and micro-morphological characters such as shape, size, thickness (in cross section), embryo percentage, colour and surface testa ornamentation pattern were critically analysed to evaluate their taxonomic significance in the delimitation and identification of each taxon. Further, a bracketed dichotomous taxonomic key is provided here based on caryopses morphology to facilitate precise identification.


Caryopses, Morphology, Sporobolus, Poaceae, India.


Author Biography

S. Arumugam




TNAU Campus, Coimbatore -641003


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