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Eragrostis Jainii (Poaceae: Eragrostideae) a New Species from Kerala, India


Eragrostis jainii, a new species collected from Manjeshwar, Kannur District of Kerala is illustrated and described. This species is allied to E. unioloides (Retz.) Nees ex Steud. and E. mokensis Pilg. From the former species it differs mainly by the linear panicle with branches adpressed to the main axis, more compact and sharply acute spikelet, thick and wavy rachilla, acuminate lemma, narrow and acuminate palea with ciliate keels. It differs from E. mokensis by the inflorescence branches adpressed to the main axis, spikelets apex not bluntly acute, lemma not orbicular, palea keels ciliate, stamens 2 and absence of a glandular ring below the nodes.


Eragrostis, Poaceae, New species, Kerala, India.



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