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Desmids from South Sikkim, India


During the systemic investigations on the desmid biodiversity of Eastern Himalaya the authors visited various regions of Namchi, South Sikkim, India and recorded 12 taxa belonging to the 6 genera viz. Desmidium C. Agardhex Ralfs, Hyalotheca Ehrenberg ex Ralfs, Micrasterias C. Agardhex Ralfs, Pleurotaenium Nageli, Spondylosium Brebisson ex Kutzing and Staurastrum Meyen ex Ralfs. Three taxa Pleurotaenium ehrenbergii (Brebisson) de Bary var. crenulatum (Ehrenberg) Krieger f. crenulatum, Staurastrum botanense Playfair var. botanense and Micrasterias alata Wall have been recorded as new to Indian flora. The remaining taxa are new record for Sikkim&Eastern Himalaya.


Desmids, Eastern Himalaya, India, Namchi, Sikkim, Taxonomy.



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