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On the Morphology of Five Species of Chara (Characeae, Charophyta) from West Bengal, India


Five representatives belonging to the family Characeae have been studied under the genus Chara L. viz., Chara fibrosa C. Agardh ex Bruzelius, Chara socotrensis Nordst., Chara zeylanica Klein ex Willd., Chara vulgaris L. and Chara hydropithys Rchb. occurring in West Bengal. The studies have been done under stereo zoom and Field emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FeSEM). FeSEM observations for the morphology of oospores are the first time in Eastern India. The occurrence of Chara socotrensisis Nordst. reported for the first time from Eastern India.


Chara, Diversity, FeSEM, Morphology, Oospores.


Author Biography

Jai Prakash Keshri

Pofessor in Botany


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