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Flintiella sanguinaria F. D. Ott (Porphyridiales, Rhodophyta) New to India


A rare freshwater unicellular red alga Flintiella sanguinaria F. D. Ott has been reported for the first time from India. It is a monotypic taxon and a rare alga. The alga was found growing as powdery covering on moist burnt soil of a damp paddy field from Rajhat, Chinsurah, West Bengal and collected in the month of January. It has been reported from very few localities of the world. Probably, this is the first report of the genus and species from the Asian subcontinent.


Asian Subcontinent, Flintiella sanguinaria, First Report, Freshwater Red Alga, Porphyridiales, West Bengal, India.


Author Biography

Jai Prakash Keshri

Pofessor in Botany


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