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On the Identity of Eragrostis dayanandanii (Poaceae) Described from Tamil Nadu, India


The name Eragrostis dayanandanii Ravichandran & al. is reduced as synonym under Eragrostis gangetica (Roxb.) Steud. The characters of the species are tabulated and provided images of spikelets, lemmas and caryopses. Also discussed about the types of hairs on keels of palea found in Indian Eragrostis.


Eragrostis dayanandanii, Poaceae, Identity Problem.



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  1. RAVICHANDRAN, P., S. KRISHNAN, N.P. SAMSON, V.R. SUBBIAH, K. AZHAKANANDAM AND D. NARASIMHAN. 1996. Eragrostis dayanandanii – A new grass from Tamil Nadu, India. Kew Bull. 51(1): 155–157.

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