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Floristic Diversity of Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam


The paper provides a floristic account of Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam which includes 454 species, 2 subspecies and 3 varieties belonging to Angiosperms and Pteridophytes. The maximum numbers of species are represented by dicotyledons with 332 species, 1 subspecies and 3 varieties, followed by monocot with 99 species and pteridophytes with 24 taxa. Habitat and life forms analysis of the flora revealed that there are 262 herbs 89 trees, 61 shrubs and 47 undershrub. A brief account of vegetation of the sanctuary, economic potential of plants, threats and conservation measures has been provided.


Floristic Diversity, Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Vegetation, Assam, Economic Potential, Conservation.



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