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Additions to the Orchidaceous Flora of Orissa


The paper records 9 genera, 56 species/varieties of orchids as new records of taxa for the state or Orissa. The enumeration provides correct names of taxa dealt with, the basionym and relevant synonyms, if any, and is followed by citation of specimens collected during the last thirteen years. Notes on ecology and phenology are followed by records of distribution. Bulbophyllum micranthum Hook, f., Nervilia punctata (Bl.) Makino, Luisia filiformis Hook f., L. primulina Par. & Reichb. f. form new records of species for India. The distributional range of 110 taxa of orchids reported to-date from Orissa supports Gamble (1892) that Orissa is the meeting ground for the Himalayan and South Indian elements of the Indian flora.


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