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Notes on an endemic genus Odisha (Orchidaceae) and its two subspecies from Odisha, India


The present communication reinstate the genus Odisha S. Misra and the subspecies Odisha cleistantha subsp. cleistantha (Subtribe Odishinae: tribe Orchideae: Orchidaceae). An in-depth discussion of the typical characters (which is observed as constant in series of biotypes) of the genus Odisha has also been provided here to counter for its erroneous merger in the genus Habenaria Willd. based on characters of secondary importance. Comparative illustrations have also been provided in support of our finding revealed from study of a large number of biotypes from Odisha state, India. A key to both the subspecies of Odisha cleistantha i.e., Odisha cleistantha subsp. cleistantha and subsp. flabellata has been also given here.


Endemic, Odisha, Orchids, Haberania



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