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Phyllanthus parvifolius, P. Clarkei (Euphorbiaceae) and Related Indian Taxa


The study reveals that the concept of Phyllanthus parvifolius in Flora of British India is a mixture of altogether two different species save P. parvvolius. These are eastern Himalayan species P. pseudoparvifolius described here anew. and semiarid north-west Himalayan elements of P. clarkei. In addition to identifying these two species as representing P. parvifolius, a part of the semiarid elements of P. clarkei was also identified as P. praetervisus and hence P. praetervisus was reduced to the synonymy of alleged P. parvifolius. True P. praetervisus however, remained incognito in all the floras of the region as a constituent of P. clarkei described originally as a complex species from eastern Himalaya, while P. parvifolius, a species endemic to (? central) Nepal, also remained mixed up with the two aforesaid constituents of alleged P. parvfolius even in Nepal Flora.


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