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Bambusa nairiana (Poaceae:Bambusoideae) - A New Bamboo Species from Meghalaya


Bambusa nairiana - a new bamboo species collected from Meghalaya, in the North Eastern part of India, is described and illustrated, it is distinguished from other Bambusa species by its short, eciliate auricles, glabrous ligule and pseudospikelets with 3 lodicules, two of them similar, obliquely cut from one side, rounded on another, the third ovate, apiculate, 5-nerved and ciliate along margins. This new species somewhat resembles Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. ex Wendl. in the shape of its culm-sheath but differs in having very small auricle. The paper compares it with B. vulgaris, provide diagnostic characters, complete description and illustrations.


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