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On the discovery of new sub-populations of Bentinckia nicobarica (Kurz) Becc. (Arecaceae) in Andaman Islands,India: Mapping and updated red list assessment


Bentinckia nicobarica (Kurz) Becc., a threatened palm is known to be strictly endemic to the Nicobar group of Islands as per IUCN Red list assessment 1998. It grows in the lowland rainforests close to the coastlines and fairly distributed all over in Nicobar group of Islands except Great Nicobar. Recently, new natural sub-populations of this species have been discovered from Alexandra Island, Boat Island, Hopeday Island, Redskin Island, Tarmugli Island and coast of Wandoor, South Andaman. The IUCN guideline has been used for the reassessment of its threat status which will help in prioritizing conservation.


Conservation status; endemic; natural population; South Andaman; threatened.



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