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A note on genus Fissidens Hedw. (Bryophyta) of Assam, India


Present study reveals the occurrence of 15 taxa of the genus Fissidens Hedw. from Assam. Eight species viz. Fissidens biformis Mitt., F. bryoides Hedw., F. ceylonensis Dozy. & Molk., F. curvatoinvolutus Dixon., F. flaccidus Mitt., F. griffithii Gangulee, Thwait ex Mitt., F. pellucidus Hornsch. and F. zollingeri Mont. are new to Assam, while F. crassinervis var. laxus (Sull. & Lesq.) A. Eddy., F. javanicus Dozy and Molk., F. orishae Gangulee, F. crenulatus Mitt. var. crenulatus and F. crispulus var. robinsonii (Broth.) Z. Iwats. & Z.-H. Li are new to North-East India.


Assam, Bryophyta, Fissidens, North-East.



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