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Two New Combinations for The Endemic Taxa of Ulva from India


Ulva is an imperative genus of the order Ulvales under Chlorophyceae. Most of the binomials of this genus are uncertain in status. Molecular study opined that, genera Ulva and Enteromorpha are paraphyletic in origin. Hence, genus Enteromorpha was transferred to Ulva. However, the endemic taxa of Enteromorpha from India have not been authenticated to the genus Ulva, due to the lacuna on the accession of the species. Therefore, the present endeavour is focused on the proposal of two new combinations for the endemic taxa under Ulva namely Ulva gujaratensis (S.R.Kale) A.S. Kumar & Palanisamy and Ulva linza var. bicornuta (H.Joshi & V.Krishnam.) A.S. Kumar & Palanisamy from the genus Enteromorpha in India.


Combination Nova, Endemic Taxa, Enteromorpha, Paraphyletic Origin, Ulva.



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