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Notes on the Additions of Phaeophyceae from the Coastline of Andhra Pradesh


The crucial floristic reports of the members of Phaeophyceae (Brown seaweeds) from Andhra Pradesh are sporadic, inadequate and merely reported from Visakhapatnam district and remaining coastal areas are yet to be explored. Hence, the present attempt was engaged to investigate the occurrence of Phaeophyceae from 112 stations of coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh between March 2017 and August 2019. The current endeavours revealed occurrence of 27 species belonging to 12 genera of 6 families under 4 orders, out of which 15 species are reported as new distributional records to the algal flora of Andhra Pradesh. Each taxon is appended here with a brief description, time of occurrence and specimens examined.


Andhra Pradesh, Brown Seaweeds, New Records, Visakhapatnam.


Author Biography

Aron Santhosh Kumar Y.

Botanical Survey of India, SRC, Coimbatore is one of the pioneer, Wellknown and prestigious instituion for Taxonomy research.  10th Oct. 1955 with the jurisdiction of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Islands. This includes the Western Ghats, one of the 25 hotspots of the world and the Eastern Ghats. It has one of the oldest and renowned herbarium – the Madras herbarium besides a national orchidarium and associated garden.


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