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Cloniophora plumosa (Cloniophoraceae, Ulvales): A New Addition to the Algal Flora of India


Cloniophora Tiffany is a distinct genus of Ulvales under the class Chlorophyceae. The distribution and diversity of the genus was recorded in the freshwater as well as in marine water habitats from the fewer parts of the world. It has morphological resemblance with the Stigeoclonium and Draparnaldia by obtaining characters of both genera. Also, it is distinguished from other genera through the branching pattern, the shape of apical cell, and the absence of apical hair. It includes 6 species in worldwide, among them, C. spicata and C. macrocladia are reported from India. The present study revealed the presence of Cloniophora plumosa (Kuetz.) Bourr. of Cloniophoraceae from the Kumarasamy Lake, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. This species is reported for the first time from the fresh water bodies of India. The details taxonomical description, along with a photo plate is provided here. A comparative key with Indian taxa is also been provided for better understanding.


Coimbatore, Fresh Water Algae, Kumarasamy Lake, New Distributional Addition.



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