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Notes on Identity of Some Indian Vernonia (Asteraceae: Vernonieae) and Lectotypification of Vernonia fysonii


Vernonia pothigaiana Chellad. & Gopalan and Vernonia subsessilis DC. var. macrophylla Hook.f. are synonymised under Vernonia fysonii Calder and Vernonia subsessilis DC. var. bracteolata (DC.) Hook.f. respectively. The placement of Vernonia talaumifolia var. hirsutior C.E.C. Fisch. as a synonym of Vernonia talaumifolia Hook. f. & Thomson ex C.B. Clarke on some online resources is also found justified during the present study. Further, a lectotype of Vernonia fysonii Calder is designated in the present communication.


Compositae, Endemic, hirsutior, macrophylla, pothigaiana, talaumifolia.


Author Biography

Avishek Bhattacharjee

Scientist-C (CNH, BSI)


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