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The Floristic Composition of Salon Wetland, Uttar Pradesh


Wetlands are an important ecosystems in itself and also form an important life support systems for the flora and fauna. An extensive field survey and plant collection in Samaspur Bird Sanctuary (Salon Wetlands) situated in Rae Bareli district of Uttar Pradesk reveals that 192 species belonging to 147 genera and 59 families have been gathered from the area. Out of them 13 families 44 genera and 65 species are of monocots; 44 families, 101 genera and 125 species are of dicots and 2 families, 2 genera and 2 species are of pteridophytes. The systematic enumeration of plant species along with ecological notes, flowering and fruiting periods, and economic uses have been provided in each species. Besides, the floristic composition, the economic importance and conservation strategies have also been discussed.


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