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Taxonomic Account on the Family Gesneriaceae in Northeast India


The paper deals with the taxonomic account of the family Gesneriaceae of Northeast India, which includes 4 tribes, 22 genera and 80 species. Species are arranged alphabetically by their correct accepted names followed by a brief description, notes of phelology and distribution. Based on the morphological characters, key to the genera and key to the species are provided for easy identification. Lectotypes of four species i.e. Hemiboea subcapitata C.B. Clarke, Leptoboea glabra C.B. Clarke, L. multiflora (C.B. Clarke) Benth. ex Gamble and Didymocarpus podocarpus C.B. Clarke is designated here.


Gesneriaceae, Lectotype, North-East India, Taxonomy.



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