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Notes on Ethnobotany of Ericaceae from the Eastern Himalayas and North-Eastern India


Ethnobotanical first hand information, mostly on traditional phytotherapies of 23 taxa in the family Ericaceae from different ethnic groups in the Eastern Himalayas and North-Eastern India, has been investigated. Besides some folk therapies for treating various human diseases, other uses such as vegetables, preparation of good quality jams and tart, insecticides, biofertilizers, fodder for cattles and making incence sticks are also described. Data presented are first hand and based on field studies with experienced and elderly tribal people, local medicine men and forest guards. All 23 taxa of Ericaceae were collected, botanically identified and voucher specimens were deposited in Central National Herbarium (CAL). The traditional pharmaceutical practice shows trends towards development and modernization in aspects like preparation of dosage forms, administration, use of additives and mode of uses.


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