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Exclusion of two Bulbophyllum species from Orchid Flora of India


Bulbophyllum dickasonii Seidenf. and Bulbophyllum proboscideum (Gagnep.) Seidenf. & Smitinand [Orchidaceae-Epidendroideae-Malaxideae-Dendrobiinae] are known from India by their only record from Manipur in 2014 and 2016 respectively. The two reports from India have been studied in comparison with their respective type specimens and protologues and found both the reports are based on mis-identification. The specimen identified earlier as Bulbophyllum dickasonii has been found as Bulbophyllum wallichii Rchb.f., whereas the record of Bulbophyllum proboscideum could be re-identified as Bulbophyllum appendiculatum (Rolfe) J.J. Sm. Thus, the two former species are excluded from Orchid Flora of India.


Bulbophyllum, Flora of India, identification, Orchidaceae, Taxonomy



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