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A Review on Taxonomy and Allied Issues in Cycas beddomei Dyer, a Narrow Endemic from the Southern Eastern Ghats, India


Cycas beddomei Dyer is known from the Cuddapah, Chittoor, and Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh. Its habitats are confined to the southern Eastern Ghats in these districts at specified elevations. Issues concerning its identity, typification, distribution, conservation and CITES status are reviewed. Its IUCN red list status is reassessed. The population size of the mature individuals was estimated at 2.05 lakhs; the AOO was 36. 10 sq km (3610 ha) and EOO at 1768 sq km. The species was designated under the “Endangered†category. The species is well adapted to frequent forest fires with its well-established underground stem, a unique feature, not seen in the other cycads. 


CITES Status, Conservation, Forest Fires, Distribution, IUCN Status, Lectotypification, Taxonomy.


Author Biography

K. Nethaji

Department of Botany


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