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Concept of Liparis torta (Orchidaceae) – An Indian Endemic: Its Rediscovery, Extended Distribution, Relationship and Red List Assessment


Liparis torta Hook.f. [ORCHIDACEAE-EPIDENDROIDEAE-MALAXIDEAE-MALAXIDINAE] which was known by more than 130 years old type collection from Khasi Hills, Meghalaya has been rediscovered from Arunachal Pradesh. It is a lookalike species of Liparis bootanensis Griff. in gross morphology, but with considerable differences in the floral details and phenological behaviour. Present paper reports its rediscovery after more than 130 years; its range extension in Arunachal Pradesh; its relationship with Liparis bootanensis; and the Red list assessment as per IUCN guidelines. A detail morphological description with illustrative photo plate has been provided for its easy identification. Its original description has been amended and an epitype has been designated as a supplement for its identity. This has also been provided with information on phenology, habitat, distribution and threats.


Liparis torta, Orchidaceae, Taxonomy, Epitype, Distribution, Endemic.



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