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Taxonomic Notes on the Status of Actinodaphne leiophylla and A. nicobarica (Lauraceae) Including Typification of Two Names


Actinodaphne leiophylla (Kurz) Hook.f. and A. nicobarica M.Gangop. are synonymized under A. procera Nees. The names Litsea leiophylla Kurz (basionym of A. leiophylla) and L. pruinosa Blume (replaced name of A. procera) are lectotypified. The report of A. angustifolia (Blume) Nees var. latior Nees from Great Nicobar is erroneous and the same also belongs here.


Actinodaphne, Lectotypification, Misidentified Name, New Synonym.


Author Biography

Tapas Chakrabarty

Ex Scientist, ISIM, BSI, Kolkata

Gopal Krishna

Central National Herbarium, Howrah

Anand Kumar

Central National Herbarium, Howrah


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