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Medicinal Plants among Certain Adibasis in India


The authors are engaged in ethnobotanical studies among certain tribal populations of India. Field work was done among the Chenchu, Reddi, Valmiki and Gond tribes in Andhra Pradesh and Saora and Kondh tribes in Orissa States of India.

Tne indigenous plants wed by the Adibasis for food and medicine were particularly studied. Tne present paper deals with some more important medicinal plants encountered in the area of study. Tnirty-two species are discussed; these belong to 21 families and 29 genera of Angiosperms. Tne botanical name, family, habit, local names (in Telugu, Kui, Saora or OriYa languages), tribal medicinal uses, locality of observation and voucher herbarium specimens are given.

Those tribal uses which do not seem to be recorded in familiar published literature have been marked with an asterisk.

An index to 40 diseases referred in the paper is given.



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