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Phellinus Pachyphloeus and its Related Species in India


Tha pechyphloeus group is represented by Phellinus lamaensis (Murr.) Pat., P. puchyphloeus (Pat.) Pat., P. noxius (corner)Cunn., P. conchatus (Pers: Fr.) Quel., P. contiguus (Pers.:Fr.) Pat., P. ferruginosus(Schard.: Fr.) Pat., P. portoricensis (Overh) O. Fildago, P. melanodermus(Pat.), O. Fidalgo and P. hoehnelii (Bres.) Ryv. in order of their frequency of occurrence in India. P. melanodermus and P. portoricensis are new records for India. Both these species grow parasitically on specific hosts and cause white pocket rots.


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