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Microcystis Aeruginosa Kutzing Bloom in Ponds of Maldah District, West Bengal


Maldah District lies between 24°41' and 25°32'30" N. latitude and 87°48' and 80°28' E longitude extended over 3,733.177 sq km constitute variety of water bodies with luxuriant growth of algal forms. Survey was carried out in two seasons in 9 ponds namely Bhadobartola, Damua, Jorkuppa, Kuppa, Meenatola, Rohini, Salami Darwaza, Samda and shivrampalli infested with Microcystis aeruginosa Kutz. and its bloom. Quantitatively, M. aeruginosa Kutz. varied from pond to pond depending upon the concentration of pollutants and degree of anthropogenic activities. Taxonomically, the species is very important because of its characteristic features among the cyanophycean forms, global distribution and occurrence.


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