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Some New and Noteworthy Records of Family Lejeuneaceae (Marchantiophyta) from Sikkim, India


Seven species of liverworts of the family Lejeuneaceae have been recorded from Sikkim, India. Of these, Acrolejeunea pusilla (Steph.) Grolle & Gradst. and Cololejeunea pluridentata P.C.Wu & J.S.Lou are new to India and Cololejeunea ceratilobula (P.C. Chen) R.M. Schust., C chenii Tixier, C. nilgiriensis, G. Asthana & S.C. Srivast, C. serrulata Steph. and Lejeunea bidentula Herzog are new to the State of Sikkim.


Liverworts, Lejeuneaceae, New records, Sikkim, India.



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