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Bidaria indica Rahman & Wilcock a Rare and Little Known Endemic from Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu, India


Bidaria indica Rahman & Wilcock, belonging to the family Asclepiadaceae is a rare endemic species found rarely in the Western Ghats regions of Kamataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Present collection from Naduvattam forest, near Ooty (Western Ghats), Nilgiri district, extended its distribution towards Norm Tamil Nadu. After Beddome's type collection, in 1857 it is for the first time this species is collected, after a lapse of 148 years from Tamil Nadu. This is also a new report from this district. The specimens have been compared with the specimens housed in Madras Herbarium, (MH), Coimbatore. A brief description together with ecological notes is provided for better understanding of this endemic and little known taxon.


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