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A New Species of Berchemia Neck. ex DC. (Rhamnaceae) from India


A new species of Berchemia Neck, ex DC. (Rhamnaceae) is described from India. The species differs from allied B. floribunda (Wall.) Brongn. in tree habit; inflorescence a branched, terminal and axillary panicle bearing 3-15-flowered floral fascicles on the branches of second order (except terminal branch of the panicle); floral fascicles having terminal, older flower with longer, erect pedicels surrounding younger flowers with short, often nodding pedicels; stamens with filaments equal the length of the petals and completely encircled by the petal with anthers included or partly exerted; carpel with sessile stigma and oblong, flattened fruits without terminal stylar beak.


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