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Notes on Litsea beei N. Mohanan & E.S.S. Kumar (Lauraceae)


Litsea beei N. Mohanan & E.S.S. Kumar collected from Agasthamala Hills, was published as a new species and was considered in the protologue as allied to Burmese element L. myristicaefolia. (Mohanan & Kumar, Nordic J. Bot. 23(5):611, 2004). Taxonomic revision of the genus in India was undertaken by the present authors under Flora of India project. The critical and detailed taxonomic studies on the herbarium material revealed that L. beei is not related to L. myristicaefolia and in fact the two species belong to different sections of the genus. Arrangement of male umbellules is similar in L. beei (clearly provided in the protologue) as well as in L. venulosa. Moreover, the morpho-taxonomical characters of leaves, inflorescence and fruits in L. beei are falling within the circumscription of L. venulosa. In the present paper the former has been treated as a synonym of the latter.


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