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Studies on variability in mode of infection by the isolates of leaf pathogens isolated from diseased leaves of Musa paradisiaca from Uttar Dinajpur District, West Bengal


Banana is (Musa sp.) one of the most commercially important fruit crops in India. Leaf disease of banana is caused by several fungal pathogens. Among them, Curvularia sp. is one of the main pathogen causing leaf spot disease. Three fungal isolates- MUSLF-2, MUSLF-3, MUSLF-1 were isolated from diseased leaf. Based on light microscopic and scanning electron microscopic studies, MUSLF-2 was identified as Curvularia sp. After Koch’s postulate, three fungal isolates- MUSLF-2 [Curvularia sp.], MUSLF-3 and MUSLF-1 were applied in banana field along with foliar spray of spore suspensions. The symptoms were similar to those observed in the in vitro detached leaf inoculation technique. The present research work depicts about the severity of leaf spot diseases of Musa paradisiaca and the mode of infections exhibited by the fungal pathogens.


Curvularia sp., Koch’s Postulate, Leaf Spot Diseases, Musa paradisiaca, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy.



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