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Rungia longistachya (Acanthaceae), a new species from the southern Western Ghats, India


Rungia longistachya Basil & Murugan (Acanthaceae), a new species from southern Western Ghats, India, is described and illustrated here. The species is closely allied to R. apiculata Bedd. but it can be distinguished from the latter by having eglandular-puberulous narrow lax spikes, long slender peduncle, sterile bracts without prominent lateral veins, and ellipsoid capsule with acute apex. Detailed description, illustration, photographic plates, comparison table and an identification key to all Rungia species that occur in the southern Western Ghats are provided for easy identification.


Anamalais, Beddome, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Justicia.


Author Biography

Basil Paul

Senior Preservation Assistant

Botanical Survey of India

C. Murugan

Scientist 'E'

Botanical Survey of India, Headquarters, Kolkata


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