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A stage-based assessment of invasion and comparative inventory of the alien plants in Mizoram and Tripura, an Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot region in India


In the present paper an attempt has been made to evaluate the status of stage-based alien plant invasion in the natural forests of Mizoram and Tripura, a part of Indo-Burma hotspot regions of India. Occurrence of 163 alien plants in Mizoram and 186 alien plants in Tripura (Cumulatively 194 from both the states) were recorded during the study. Maximum species (52.15% in Mizoram and 57.52% in Tripura) were represented by top 10 families like Asteraceae, Leguminosae, Convolvulaceae, Euphorbiaceae etc. Among the alien plants of tropical American origin was maximum, followed by Mexican & Australian origin. The study also recommends the most obnoxious species, and neo-invasive plants, which are potential threats to the natural flora. The outcomes of the study can be used a baseline data of stage-based invasion of alien species in both the state and will be a useful resource for preparation of conservation or forest management policies.


Asteraceae, Invasive alien plants (IAPs), Mizoram, neo-invasive, obnoxious, Tripura



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