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Distribution, ecology and status assessment of Hydnocarpus longipedunculatus Robi, Sasidh. & Jose (Achariaceae: Flacourtiaceae s.l.) – an endemic tree of the southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India


Hydnocarpus longipedunculatus Robi., Sasidh. & Jose (Achariaceae: Flacourtiaceae s.l.) is an endemic tree distributed in the Kerala part of the Southern Western Ghats, India. The population structure and diversity analysis along with demographical information enabled the understanding of the distribution pattern, age classes/ontogeny, Importance Value Index (IVI), number of adult individuals, saplings and seedlings of the species in the forest landscape. The extent of occurrence and area of occupancy of the species were found out as per IUCN guidelines. The small population size, extremely low number of seedlings, lesser extent of occurrence and area of occupancy along with lower IVI values were the major impediments of the species. We suggest the inclusion of the species in the IUCN endangered category as it meets the threshold under criterion ‘D’. The baseline study recommends immediate conservation measures including protection of the natural habitats of the species.



Conservation, Distribution, Ecology, IUCN status, Kerala, Western Ghats



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