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Sporobolus aculeatus (L.) P.M.Peterson (Poaceae, Sporobolinae) - An addition to the Flora of Gujarat State


Sporobolus aculeatus (L.) P.M.Peterson is reported here as a new record for the North-West region of India from the arid and semiarid regions of Sabarkantha and Aravalli districts of Gujarat state. A detailed taxonomic description, phenology, the current status and photographs are provided here for easy identification.


Addition, Crypsis, grass flora, Gujarat, Sporobolus, subsection Crypsis


Author Biography

Tarun R. Nayi

Department of Botany,
Smt. S. M. Panchal Science College, Talod, Sabarkantha – 383215 (Gujarat), India

Ramchandra D. Gore

Department of Botany, Walchand College of Arts and Science, Solapur – 413006 (Maharashtra), India

Urvish D. Patel

Department of Botany,
Smt. S. M. Panchal Science College, Talod, Sabarkantha – 383215 (Gujarat), India

S. K. Patel

Department of Biology, Gujarat Arts and Science College, Ellis bridge, Ahmadabad– 380006 (Gujarat), India


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