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Floristic account of aquatic and wetland angiospermic plants of Panchmahals district, Gujarat


In the present study an account is given of an investigation based on the results of the taxonomic research work conducted in Panchmahals District, Gujarat, India, during 2016–2021. The area was surveyed and collection of aquatic and wetland angiosperms was made in different seasons from 16 lakes of various aquatic habitats from as many villages of Panchmahals district, Gujarat, India. The aim of the study is to document the aquatic and wetland angiospermic diversity of Panchmahals district, Gujarat. A total of 128 aquatic and wetland angiospermic plant species belonging to 89 genera and 36 families are recorded from the district, with 64 species of dicots belonging to 45 genera and 23 families, 64species of monocots belonging to 44 genera and 13 families.


Angiosperms, Floristic, Gujarat, Panchmahals, Wetland



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