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Luisia trichorrhiza (Orchidaceae-Vandeae): A new addition to Karnataka, India


The present article is about wild epiphytic orchid, which is collected during a field visit in Jogimatti Forest Range of Chitradurga district, Karnataka. The collected species was similar with Luisia zeylanica L., based on the morphological investigation, we conclude it as Luisia trichorrhiza (Hook.). The characters are usually highlighted with minute trichomes on the roots, labellum structure and size flower size, sepal size, petals size, ovary length etc. and based on literature survey it is confirmed that, it has not been recorded from Karnataka state. The present article is about the addition of L. trichorrhiza in Karnataka state, India.


Epiphytic orchid, Labellum, Terete, Trichomes


Author Biography

Shreyas B.

Taxonomist, phytochemist and naturalist


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