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Gentiana capitata Subsp. hemkundiana (Gentianaceae) - A New Subspecies from Hemkund, Uttarakhand, India


Gentiana capitata Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don subsp. hemkundiana M.Shabir & A.N. Shukla collected from Hemkund in Garhwal Himalaya of Uttarakhand, India is described and illustrated here. The subspecies is morphologically characterized by small stout herb, stem sub-sessile; margin of leaves broadly membranous, flowers few, not dense or clustered, calyx tube herbaceous (not membranous), lobes linear-lanceolate or narrowly oblong; stamens inserted near the middle of corolla tube; seeds membranous with rough surface or slightly reticulate. The new taxon is compared morphologically with sympatric taxa G. capitata subsp. capitata and G. capitata subsp. harwanensis (G.Singh) Halda. In addition, a diagnostic key to the close infra-specific taxa of G. capitata is also provided.


Chondrophyllae, Capitata, Indian Himalayan Region, Morphology, Polymorphic.


Author Biography

Mohd Shabir

Assistant Professor (Contractual) in Dept. of Botany, Universityof Ladakh


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