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Lectotypification of Seven Names in Genus Phlogacanthus (Acanthaceae)


Four names in the genus Phlogacanthus (Acanthaceae) viz., Phlogacanthus jenkinsii C.B. Clarke, Phlogacanthus lambertii Raizada, Phlogacanthus parviflorus T. Anders., and Phlogacanthus pubinervius T. Anders. are lectotypified in the present communication. In addition, three other names i.e., Justicia curviflora Wall. [basionym of Phlogacanthus curviflorus (Wall.) Nees], Loxanthus gomezii Nees [basionym of Phlogacanthus gomezii (Nees) J.R.I. Wood] and Justicia guttata Wall. [basionym of Phlogacanthus guttatus Nees] are also lectotypified.


Acanthaceae, Justicia, Justiceae, Loxanthus, Phlogacanthus, India, Typification.



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