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Fresh-Water Fossil Algae from The Eocene Lignite of Barsinghsar near Bikaner, Rajasthan, India


The lignite deposits at Barsinghsar in Rajasthan possess almost all plant groups either in the form of spores and portions or fragmented portions of vegetative and fertile forms. The present paper reports the occurrence microscopers of green algae belonging to the genera Closterium Nitzsch, Hydrodictyon Roth and Volvox L. from Barsinghsar, a Eocene lignite site near Bikaner. Palaeoecological conditions during Eocene in Rajasthan is also described.


Alga, Barsinghsar, Closterium, Eocene, Hydrodictyon, India, Lignite, Rajasthan, Volvox.


Author Biography

R. Harsh

Assistant Director, College education, Bikaner Division 334001, India


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